Driving Programmatic Advertising Leads

Lead generation isn’t just about accumulating leads; it’s about getting better, higher value leads. It’s about reaching the people who have the potential to become high-value customers and getting them the right message in the right context. In short, it’s about finding the right people and getting them to take action.

Programmatic lead generation campaigns have tremendous potential to reach the right people and encourage action.

Using programmatic to move down the sales funnel

Because programmatic allows highly precise targeting, we can align your advertising campaign to your sales funnel. We take a systematic approach to lead generation: identify trackable actions that are involved in becoming a lead, isolate those sections, and engage with people at different stages of the funnel using specific, highly targeted messaging.

Suppose you’re driving people to a landing page that contains a contact form, a newsletter signup, and a PDF download. We can track people who interact with each element on the landing page and build segmented audiences based on those actions: one audience consists of people who signed up for the newsletter but didn’t reach the PDF download, while another consists of people who reached the download but didn’t actually download the PDF. Then, we can use appropriate messaging to help the people in each audience move to the next stage of the funnel.

In short, we leverage one of programmatic’s greatest strengths, highly granular and flexible retargeting, to break up the audience into different parts and move each audience segment closer to conversion.

It takes effort to set up, but it’s worth it

The key is to put in the effort to identify those stages in the sales funnel and efficiently utilize targeting, A/B testing, and analytics to refine our approach at each stage. If we jump straight from one end of the funnel to the other, we miss the change in the middle. If, however, we use a segmented approach, we can identify the missing pieces and utilize different tactics (such as updated creative or more nuanced targeting) to address any challenges that emerge along the funnel.

Programmatic is a higher touch to engagement medium, so it’s important to have a level of pre-engagement before we move to conversion-focused messaging. By tracking each step in the process, we can contextualize and ultimately improve performance.

We know how to drive conversions with programmatic: by using a precise, targeted approach that removes the guesswork and clearly demonstrates exactly what’s happening at each stage of the funnel. If that sounds like a good plan, contact us today to find out THRONE can elevate your lead generation.

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