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The Programmatic Process. Reinvented.

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Does this ‘black box’ experience sound familiar?

You reach out to a programmatic vendor and have your budget, your goals, and your flight dates ready. The vendor looks at what you provide and spits back a few targeting options and maybe an impression or click estimate. No insight into where their targets came from. No insights into where your ads are going to be location. No insight into what they’ll do on an ongoing basis to improve performance. But it’s the only game in town, so you play.

Midway through the campaign, you reach out and ask for some insights into how the campaign is doing. You get back a spreadsheet with a lot of the fields that you rely on to gauge the success of a campaign missing. So you reach out again - and get a little more data back.

Maybe, if you’re lucky, a few settings will be altered mid-flight. More than likely, you’ll get pushback saying that the system is optimizing and you shouldn’t mess with anything. After the campaign ends, you’ll get a report. It will be missing data. It will be missing a narrative. It will have limited insights.

With an open book, you rule your campaign.

This is what THRONE aims to change. When you work with THRONE, you are at the center of everything. Your campaigns. Your data. Your goals. Our team of experts will provide in-depth reasoning for targeting parameters, and offer options for best success - but we’re always willing to test out new things. From customizable real-time dashboards, to the insights and analysis that make sense of the numbers, to post-campaign audience insights and affinities.

THRONE provides real solutions to real problems - simply by shining a light into a black box and putting you in control of what you’re paying for. That’s true power.

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