Where does programmatic data come from?

As we’ve mentioned before, programmatic advertising is all about targeting. We serve up ads for the right audience at the right time in the right (digital) place in order to reach customers more effectively and ultimately get a bigger return on ad spend. In order to target effectively, we need data. Here’s where it comes

Pandemic Programmatic: Advertising During CORONA times

COVID-19 has disrupted nearly every sector of the economy, and many brands are experiencing what amounts to pandemic marketing paralysis. They’re waiting for the dust to settle, for things to calm down, before they start advertising again. It’s an understandable impulse but not a great idea. The truth is that now is the time to

Winning E-Commerce With Programmatic Advertising

The rise of e-commerce has given consumers and sellers alike unprecedented freedom, unconstrained by physical location and inventory space. Perhaps the most powerful way to take advantage of that freedom is to provide consumers with a personalized, customized experience—and programmatic advertising is one of the most powerful tools to create that experience. Why programmatic? Running

Bespoke Programmatic Strategy

Built For Progress

Programmatic Strategies

Defining The Plan

Throne takes a unique approach to programmatic.

For us, all projects are firmly rooted in discovery and discussion – in figuring out what your true goals and objectives are and how best we can achieve them with all the programmatic tools at our disposal.

Custom Strategy and Execution, Crafted For You.

Our Programmatic Process

Data Modeling

Ingesting and modeling massive amounts of first party and industry research to determine the ideal target audience – understanding their demographics and psychographics to tailor our campaigns.

Strategic Planning

Outline and align on a strategic and transparent approach to programmatic marketing based on defined targets, budgets, and overarching KPIs. Always rooted in data and discussion.


Leverage omni-channel campaign advertising and multiple A/B creative, audience, and channel tests in real time.


Harvest and refine upon the original plan, evolving and iterating upon our initial approach with actionable insights and learnings taken from live campaigns (once enough time has passed for data and trends to become apparent)


Combining multi-step and omnichannel tracking technologies as well as online and offline campaign attribution, we can help analyze each step that your customers take – and equate actions that have the most impact back to campaigns.

Intelligent Automation

Keeping The Human in AI

Throne’s in-house programmatic tech-stack and ability to move freely between DSPs allow for a streamlined advertising experience that can be deployed strategically to solve real business and marketing problems.

By leveraging machine learnings and automatic optmizations, campaigns are manually reviewed by our in-house programmatic experts and adops specialists tasked with driving our campaigns futher towards your goals.

This means that all of our optimizations are done with a purpose and towards a logical end – rather than single mindedly towards an objective that may not truly match with a business goal.

This Is The Age Of Enlightenment For Consumers & Advertisers

Complex problems require refined solutions – and not everything is one size fits all. Discover how we tailor our solutions and connect the lines between our services to best fit your goals

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Programmatic Audience Targeting

Advanced & Ethical Audience Targeting Techniques

CRM Data Collection

CRM Onboarding

Your best audiences just got better. Throne is able to segment and ingest your firstparty data (email addresses) to not only advertise against, but also model and provide insight into the “who” that is your CRM.

Remarketing Audiences

Our team of adops experts are tasked with not just tagging conversion points on your website, but also capturing information of those who took actions – as well as those who did not. My segmenting these audiences, we create robust audience targeting models.

Lookalike Modeling

Once a CRM or website audience list has been taken into our system, we can find hundreds of thousands of other audiences who share similar traits and behaviors to your best audience groups – and target against them.

Geo-Location Targeting

Targeting the where can be just as important as targeting the whom. By geo-targeting specific locations, we can choose to serve ads to individuals within those locations.

Take this a step further and we can draw physical polygons around a series of locations, and collect the unique Device IDs of those who are within those physical parameters, adjusting for frequency and up to a 365 historical lookback. From here, we can choose to not only target the location with ads, but also follow the individuals collected to advertise to highly targeted audiences regardless of location.


For a large Equine partner, Throne pulled in the historical records of over 5,000 horse barding locations in the US, and adjusted for frequency of 2x/week. We were then able to target against this highly specific audience for future campaigns.

First Party Data Providers

From Axiom to Neustar, Epsilon and Oracle to Dun & Bradstreet, Throne is partnered with over 20 of the leading data providers in the world today.

When it comes to Data Providers, the question we must always ask ourselves is “where did they obtain the data” – and how valid do we believe it to be.

We ensure that all of our data providers are independently verified, and routinely run A/B tests of similar audience groupings against one another to ensure that we are using the best possible audience targets.


Axiom: Search for a New Career or Job – [propensity ranking identifying whether someone in the household will likely search for a new career or job in the next 12 months]

Dun & Bradstreet: Finance Professionals – [ People who belong to professional groups relating to finance professionals]

Dun & Bradstreet: Management – [ job titles such as senior management, directors, vice presidents, etc]

Boolean Logic (“and” / “or” modifiers) allow us to close in on the best possible target audiences – while being cognizant of specificity v. inventory availability and cost

Bringing Enlightenment To The Black Box of Programmatic

Audience Data Privacy & Protection

Throne is serious about data privacy and protection. From SFTP for any CRM upload to ensuring that all collected information from any tactic is hashed by our system so it cannot be traced back to any one single individual, we put sound marketing principles first.

Have a specific question? Reach out and let us know – we love talking about this and sharing knowledge.

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Winning Hearts & Minds


The Appeal to Emotion

Pathos or emotion is one of the core foundational building blocks of a compelling argument. Here, we seek to move the core nature of a customer, appealing to what makes them happy or sad, angry or joyous.

By tapping into these primal and powerful emotions, your advertisements can shift the tide of a discussion or compel otherwise apathetic consumers to take action.

Using Pathos| Programmatic Tactics for winning hearts & minds

Sequential Messaging

One message – or variants on a theme – are not enough. Instead, Throne can help craft and deliver a series of messages that evolves as your audience continues to engage with your content throughout their journey. With attention limited, ensuring that your long-form content is delivered to a qualified audience who has already been exposed to your key points is paramount – as is the follow up after to keep the message alive.

High Impact Creative

Speaking your audience’s language goes beyond the copy and creative – and in to exposing these audiences to your message on the mediums they naturally engage with. From show-stopping full page takeovers to perfectly positioned in-stream video advertisements, we have access to the inventory that you need to do your story justice.

Dynamic Retargeting

Show your customer what you know they’re already interested in based off of their history on your website. Our team of adops specialists will tag and add triggers to your site that allow us to dynamically pull in and populate advertisements with the very products that your customers were viewing – or provide us with opportunities for up and cross sells.

Interactive Content

Beyond videos and pre-rendered or static displays, interactive content allows and encourages user engagement – inviting them to take part in the experience from lead generation to game demos – contained right within the ad unit.

This Is The Age Of Enlightenment For Consumers & Advertisers

Complex problems require refined solutions – and not everything is one size fits all. Discover how we tailor our solutions and connect the lines between our services to best fit your goals

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Conversion Focused Programmatic| Driving Leads & Sales


The Appeal to Logic

Logos or Logic is one of the core foundational building blocks of a compelling argument. Here, you convince your audience of your worth and value through sound and logical persuasive argument

By proving beyond a shadow of a doubt the logical necessity or benefit of your offering, we can move a target demographic beyond consideration and into conversion.

Building Logos| Programmatic Tactics for Conversions

Drive to Store Camapigns

With the goal of driving individuals to your brick and mortar locations, we can map out where your business or store exists in the physical world drive customers to it. Not only that, but if your footprint is large enough, Throne can tell you how many individuals were exposed to your ad and ended up at your location in person.

Dynamic Conversion Funnel Targeting

Reaching the right audience is only half the battle. The other half is reaching them at the right time. Our team of ad ops specialists are experts in tagging and enabling triggers on any website to provide us with secondary and tertiary goals – shifting our messaging, frequency, and strategy along each checkpoint towards an ultimate conversion

CountDown Ads

Drive towards conversions with dynamic CountDown Ads that tick away until an offer or product has expired – without requiring a major creative lift.

Carousel & Cross-Sell Product Units

Cross-sell product and inventory types and display a wider range to catch the eye (and price point interest) of potential customers with rich and responsive creative elements

This Is The Age Of Enlightenment For Consumers & Advertisers

Complex problems require refined solutions – and not everything is one size fits all. Discover how we tailor our solutions and connect the lines between our services to best fit your goals

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