Winning E-Commerce With Programmatic Advertising

Kyle Minerley

The rise of e-commerce has given consumers and sellers alike unprecedented freedom, unconstrained by physical location and inventory space. Perhaps the most powerful way to take advantage of that freedom is to provide consumers with a personalized, customized experience—and programmatic advertising is one of the most powerful tools to create that experience.

Let’s Talk About Programmatic Frustrations

Kyle Minerley

We’re going in a slightly different direction this week to give you a peek under the hood at a day in the life at a programmatic agency.

Where does programmatic data come from?

Kyle Minerley

As we’ve mentioned before, programmatic advertising is all about targeting. We serve up ads for the right audience at the right time in the right (digital) place in order to reach customers more effectively and ultimately get a bigger return on ad spend.

Driving Programmatic Advertising Leads

Kyle Minerley

Lead generation isn’t just about accumulating leads; it’s about getting better, higher value leads. It’s about reaching the people who have the potential to become high-value customers and getting them the right message in the right context. In short, it’s about finding the right people and getting them to take action.

Programmatic Display & Cookieless Targeting

Kyle Minerley

Get ready for a paradigm shift

The best way to use programmatic retargeting

Kyle Minerley

Advertisers have long known that some of the best targets are people who have already expressed interest in your product or your brand. That’s the logic behind retargeting: if someone has been to your website before, they’re more likely to convert if you use advertising to bring them back.

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