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Enterprise Solutions at SMB Costs.

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Breaking into programmatic advertising is a tall order for small to mid-sized businesses. We’ve built a robust process to make it a reality for your brand.

Research will be performed to illuminate where your target audience consumes media – online mediums, in print, on television or on radio – and is therefore more likely to be exposed to your advertising.

  • Type of audience – aligning advertising approach to outlined personas
  • Demographics – age, gender, ethnicity, income, career, household income, etc.
  • Psychographics/Behavioral Analysis - lifestyle, attitudes, beliefs, etc.
  • Interests – intent to purchase, in-market active shoppers
  • Media Habits – preferred platforms to engage (desktop, mobile, native, etc.)
  • Proximity/Location Based - using location technology to target consumers based on their physical location

Throne insists on measurable learning.

The advantage of being in the digital space is the ability to make quantitative decisions in real time, taking advantage of the wealth of data at our fingertips. We can tell you exactly how many people have seen a campaign, how many interacted with it, exactly what they did on your site following their engagement and learn about the target audience themselves during the process - allowing us to make smarter and more precisely targeted campaigns in the future.

Given this dynamic influx of data, our approach to the analysis and implementation is never static. Instead, we are constantly iterating and optimizing your campaign’s performance with new learnings and testing.

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