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Brand Safety & Reputation Management

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With the advent of new technologies comes the need to be able to control how your brand is represented on each platform. It’s said “brand safety is in the eye of the beholder”, but the truth is your programmatic vendor needs to be able to strategically make the decision of where your ads are placed. You need to be able to trust that decision.

Inventory Placement

We understand that your reputation is on the line. Where customers see their ads shapes how they feel about your company. When done well, this means that they will associate your brand with trusted, authoritative websites or apps. When brand safety is not considered, you will find your advertising shows up on bad placements.

When brand safety is considered in your campaign, it will also benefit you by saving you money. You shouldn’t be paying to put your ad somewhere where you don’t want it.

THRONE manages brand safety by creating curated, customized white-lists for each of our clients. Rather than just blocking entire content categories or relying on machine learning to make the decision for us, we go hands-on to ensure inappropriate or unsafe content will not affect your campaign. In doing so, our brand safety strategy extends beyond blocked keywords, taking into account applicable age and regulatory restrictions. Extra considerations include audience verification and targeting parameters on proposed media buys.


Brand Safety considerations shouldn’t just extend to where your ads are showing up, but also who they are been shown to. Tapping into our partners such as BlueKai and eXelate, we are able to leverage specific, verified targeting lists for campaigns. These segmented lists might include people who are likely to visit a McDonalds on their drive home, people who are loyal to a specific shoe brand or people from a particular economic group. Because the data we use is verified, we’re able to extend confidence that the user receiving our advertising is the right user.

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