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Brand Fraud Protection

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The programmatic space is now a multi-billion dollar industry. As the industry has grown, ad fraud has continued to grow as well.

Ad fraud happens when advertisers pay for clicks from non-existent users - like bots that mimic the actions of a real user. In fact, this has gotten so common that billions of dollars are lost each year paying for impressions that aren’t seen by a real person.

Many different types of ad fraud practices have emerged over the years, including pixel stuffing, ad-stacking, ghost sites and masked URLs. As goes with the world of the internet, new types of fraudulent activity are invented every day, making it more important than ever that your programmatic partner is ahead of the curve in protecting your media investment.

An industry leader in minimizing fraudulent inventory

THRONE has focused on maintaining access to industry leading ad networks to increase our access to available advertising inventory. The more options we have, the more specific we can get with our brand safety thresholds, substantially lower their likelihood of bidding on fraudulent inventory.

Along with our team optimizing and controlling the places where your ad appears, we also rely on our third party partners to do what they do best: authenticate that the viewability of your advertising is being seen by real people, in real time.

We use DoubleVerify’s MRC-accredited verify platform to keep our ads where they need to be.

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