Winning E-Commerce With Programmatic Advertising

The rise of e-commerce has given consumers and sellers alike unprecedented freedom, unconstrained by physical location and inventory space. Perhaps the most powerful way to take advantage of that freedom is to provide consumers with a personalized, customized experience—and programmatic advertising is one of the most powerful tools to create that experience. Why programmatic? Running

Programmatic Display & Cookieless Targeting

Get ready for a paradigm shift The cookies are crumbling. Digital cookies, that is. Earlier this year, Google announced they will phase out third-party cookies on their Chrome browser by 2022. Since Chrome accounts for about 70 percent of all desktop web traffic, more than double all other browsers put together, this is obviously a

The best way to use programmatic retargeting

Advertisers have long known that some of the best targets are people who have already expressed interest in your product or your brand. That’s the logic behind retargeting: if someone has been to your website before, they’re more likely to convert if you use advertising to bring them back. The idea seems pretty sound, but