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Your Audience. Your Message. At Scale.

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Campaign Planning

Successful campaigns are planned with a media mix designed to reach your customers and achieve your marketing goals, which often means managing multiple platforms in order to solve for the increasing fragmentation of screens, devices and viewing habits. A recommended media plan will be developed and shared to break out our tactical approach across various advertising platforms that may include a marriage of digital outreach tactics.

THRONE will engage in a discovery session with you and your stakeholders to make sure that your business goals are understood and we can strategize to support them. Your target audience will be clearly outlined and approved by you, and we’ll launch the campaigns. We use a test-and-learn approach while your campaigns are live to make sure we’re constantly optimizing and improving your performance.

True Omni-Channel Advertising

Targeting Capabilities

Our targeting capabilities are second to none due to the vast amount of partnerships we have with leading data providers. We can get so specific with our targeting after modeling your customer, your target audience will feel a 1:1 brand to consumer connection.

Our types of targeting capabilities include:

  • Demographic Targeting
  • Psychographic Targeting
  • Lifestyle & Interests
  • Intent and Behavior Targeting
  • Geotargeting & Place Based Behavior (Merchant visitation, Chain visitation, Event Attendance, Points of Interest, Nearby Places)
  • Geo-Behavioral
  • Weather-Based Targeting
  • Purchase History
  • Purchase Predictors
  • Content Consumption
  • Influencer Fan Bases
  • IoT – target based on connected apps used
  • Brand Specific and Brand Actions (Declared actions e.g. #hashtags, @mentions, URL shares, etc.)
  • Political Party and Views
  • B2B Targeting (Company size, seniority, revenue, industry, etc)
  • Activity Detection (Walking, Driving)
  • Household Viewing Habits

Never stop improving.

Optimization Practices

THRONE doesn’t “set it and forget it.” Every day your campaign is live, we gather and analyze results, prepare recommendations for optimization, and actively update campaigns on an ongoing basis in order to increase success or stay current with platform or campaign changes.

  • In-Flight Management
  • Metric and analytical analysis focusing on Key Performance Indicators identified in the media plan
  • Optimization and expansion of top performing advertisements
  • Execution of approved campaign changes
  • Budget forecasting and monitoring to maximize efficiency
  • Negotiate and manage all value added opportunities
  • Conversion tracking and recommendations
  • Making creative recommendations/optimizations as needed
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