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Digital Audio Advertising

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Consumers have evolved their listening habits over the years from records, to cassette tapes, CD’s, to digital. The massive popularity within the digital audio space has as much to do with the convenience of streaming as it does with consumers’ love for the ability to pick and choose what they listen to, on their terms.

The opportunity for advertising in this case is even more impactful than your traditional radio opportunities, because consumers are engaged with what they are listening to, are actively listening, and typically have their devices within arm’s reach to learn more. We will run accompanying display creative when your audio ad goes live, allowing us to drive web traffic and leads from your ad.

THRONE has the ability to tap into music streams, genre types, curated playlists, and podcasts. We have access to leading digital audio providers such as Spotify and TuneIn. Our inventory allows us to choose skippable or non-skippable ads in 15- or 30-second ad spots.

With the ability to diversify your advertising outreach and understanding the impact of audio, it’s time to adopt this channel in your media mix.

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