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Digital Out of Home Advertising (DOOH)

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Out-of-home advertising (OOH) has typically been comprised of roadside billboards and transit advertising. With the advent of digitizing this technology, or digital out of home (DOOH), we’ve been able to include it in our programmatic technological capabilities and media planning. According to a 2016 Nielsen study, 91% of consumers notice some form of OOH advertising. A 2016 Media Caddy study also suggests 82% of consumers say they’ve made an impulse purchase the same day as being exposed to DOOH.

Today, DOOH isn’t just limited to graffiti’d subway stations and peeling billboards, but in high-impact bright, digital places such as across screens in elevators, gyms, airports, office buildings and more. DOOH allows THRONE to tailor your advertising to location, time of day, weather and traffic conditions, and more - allowing you to only pay when it matters.

Types of DOOH Inventory

  • Roadside billboards
  • Health clubs / Gyms
  • Doctors’ offices
  • Transit shelters
  • Spectaculars
  • Convenience stores
  • Airports
  • Shopping malls
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Office elevators and lobbies
  • Retail stores
  • Taxi cabs

Types of DOOH Media

Large-Format Displays: These ads can be found in public areas that are seen by a large amount of people who are typically in transit. Think digital billboards next to the road in high trafficked areas, or ads in subway stations.

Place-Based Media: These ads are seen by much smaller audiences in specific places, which allows us to curate our advertising specifically to them and align your brand to their purpose of being there. For example, advertising inside a local health club or a gym would make sense for a health food company.

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