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Measurement & Analytics

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By connecting online and offline data, we can more accurately measure how your advertising is driving your bottom line. The days of waiting until your budgets are spent before understanding their performance are gone. With THRONE, customized real-time reporting is available to you immediately, allowing you to make quick decisions in optimizing your campaign without wasting budget.

Custom, brand-labeled, real-time accessible data dashboards will be created for real-time access. Accessible by a simple link that can be shared with stakeholders, this allows you to have their finger on the pulse of your data at any time.

The types of measurement and analytics solutions THRONE offers will be based on your specific business goals and campaign needs.

Types of reporting offered include:

  • Overall website traffic analysis
  • Campaign specific performance
  • TV & Digital overlap
  • Online & Offline Attribution
  • Foot traffic analysis
  • Brand Safety reporting

Offline Sales Attribution

We’ll take your campaign data, link it to your sales and weight factors that matter to you like frequency, recency and channel importance to help you give credit where credit is due. Say goodbye to over- or under-estimating the performance of a channel or tactic. Long-term, you’ll be able to determine the perfect media mix for each customer segment, maximizing each marketing dollar.

You can effectively marry your marketing campaigns to your customers’ responses across channels. What’s the benefit? Insights into how all of your efforts, from email to TV to direct mail to digital, are driving dollars not only to your website, but also to your brick-and-mortar locations.

Foot Traffic Attribution

THRONE realizes how vital it is to understand how advertising can impact your audience beyond impressions and clicks. You need to track how both your exposed audience and unexposed audience visit any given store location. Each mobile device in the hand of your consumer has a custom device ID attached to it. Leveraging our third-party data partners, we can map each device’s exposure to our ad and track their visit behavior.

Because our foot traffic attribution is sophisticated, we understand that removing data outliers like store employees is important to avoid skewing our data set that we can make unbiased decisions when optimizing your campaigns.

The process goes like this:

  1. Audience is exposed to an ad campaign
  2. Audience visits store location
  3. Foot traffic attribution measures incremental lift in store visits to your media
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