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Over the Top & Traditional Television Advertising

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Television has been revolutionized since the days of its origin. We find ourselves in a world where the “cord cutting” phenomenon is quickly being adopted, not just by millennials, but by the population at large looking to get out of constrictive cable or satellite TV contracts and incentive to be able to watch whatever programming they want on their own terms.

At THRONE, we recognize your target audience might consume traditional TV programming still, or may have made the switch to streaming services like Hulu, Sling TV, and more. So, our advertising capabilities are available for both.

Traditional TV Advertising

Our linear television capabilities allow us to place ads programmatically on traditional networks to reach audiences at scale. Don’t underestimate the power of traditional TV even in a digital age. Depending on the audience, this may still be your best bet.

Digital & Over the Top Advertising

OTT is short for over-the-top, which means movie and TV content that is streamed over the internet. Examples of OTT include services like Hulu, ESPN, Comcast, Sling, Fox, Roku and more.

Using these tactics, we are able to leverage retargeting tactics to send sequential messages to engaged viewers. This allows us to craft a brand narrative and story, solidify a call to action and hit the goals for your campaign.

Because we have access to both advertising capabilities, we can also use our campaign measurement capabilities to gauge exposed viewers on each channel and understand the overlapped audience to be able to use your media spend most efficiently to continue to reach audiences who have not yet been exposed to your brand.

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