Programmatic Audience Targeting

Advanced & Ethical Audience Targeting Techniques

CRM Data Collection

CRM Onboarding

Your best audiences just got better. Throne is able to segment and ingest your firstparty data (email addresses) to not only advertise against, but also model and provide insight into the “who” that is your CRM.

Remarketing Audiences

Our team of adops experts are tasked with not just tagging conversion points on your website, but also capturing information of those who took actions – as well as those who did not. My segmenting these audiences, we create robust audience targeting models.

Lookalike Modeling

Once a CRM or website audience list has been taken into our system, we can find hundreds of thousands of other audiences who share similar traits and behaviors to your best audience groups – and target against them.

Geo-Location Targeting

Targeting the where can be just as important as targeting the whom. By geo-targeting specific locations, we can choose to serve ads to individuals within those locations.

Take this a step further and we can draw physical polygons around a series of locations, and collect the unique Device IDs of those who are within those physical parameters, adjusting for frequency and up to a 365 historical lookback. From here, we can choose to not only target the location with ads, but also follow the individuals collected to advertise to highly targeted audiences regardless of location.


For a large Equine partner, Throne pulled in the historical records of over 5,000 horse barding locations in the US, and adjusted for frequency of 2x/week. We were then able to target against this highly specific audience for future campaigns.

First Party Data Providers

From Axiom to Neustar, Epsilon and Oracle to Dun & Bradstreet, Throne is partnered with over 20 of the leading data providers in the world today.

When it comes to Data Providers, the question we must always ask ourselves is “where did they obtain the data” – and how valid do we believe it to be.

We ensure that all of our data providers are independently verified, and routinely run A/B tests of similar audience groupings against one another to ensure that we are using the best possible audience targets.


Axiom: Search for a New Career or Job – [propensity ranking identifying whether someone in the household will likely search for a new career or job in the next 12 months]

Dun & Bradstreet: Finance Professionals – [ People who belong to professional groups relating to finance professionals]

Dun & Bradstreet: Management – [ job titles such as senior management, directors, vice presidents, etc]

Boolean Logic (“and” / “or” modifiers) allow us to close in on the best possible target audiences – while being cognizant of specificity v. inventory availability and cost

Bringing Enlightenment To The Black Box of Programmatic

Audience Data Privacy & Protection

Throne is serious about data privacy and protection. From SFTP for any CRM upload to ensuring that all collected information from any tactic is hashed by our system so it cannot be traced back to any one single individual, we put sound marketing principles first.

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