Google Display Network v. Programmatic Display

What’s the difference between Google Display Network (GDN) and Programmatic Display? Takeaways without reading: Programmatic is a way of purchasing ad inventory. As such, GDN is Programmatic.  Say it again for the people in the back – GDN is Programmatic. Display is just one type of Programmatic ad.  Google sort of shot itself in the

Where does programmatic data come from?

As we’ve mentioned before, programmatic advertising is all about targeting. We serve up ads for the right audience at the right time in the right (digital) place in order to reach customers more effectively and ultimately get a bigger return on ad spend. In order to target effectively, we need data. Here’s where it comes

What’s Programmatic Advertising, Anyway?

In one sentence: programmatic is an advertising method that uses automation to decide which ads to buy and how much to pay for them. Not enough for you? How about this: DSP, SSP, Oh My: How Programmatic Works Programmatic started as a way for publishers (those who are making digital content or own websites that

Understanding programmatic blacklists and whitelists

When you run a programmatic display ad campaign, the possibilities are almost endless. In theory, your ads could run on any website with available digital inventory. In practice, you need some control over where your ads display. Two of the most important tools in your programmatic toolbox are black and white lists. What’s a programmatic

Programmatic geotargeting: how does it work?

A good ad is worth nothing if the right person doesn’t see it. When we target programmatic ads, we think about who, what, when, where, and why. But today, we’re zeroing in on the where of programmatic advertising. Let’s talk geotargeting. Remember traditional advertising? Old-school advertising basically had two geographic settings. You could either target

Pandemic Programmatic: Advertising During CORONA times

COVID-19 has disrupted nearly every sector of the economy, and many brands are experiencing what amounts to pandemic marketing paralysis. They’re waiting for the dust to settle, for things to calm down, before they start advertising again. It’s an understandable impulse but not a great idea. The truth is that now is the time to

How small businesses & small budgets can benefit from programmatic

For as long as small businesses have existed, one of their biggest advantages has been their familiarity with customers. You may not have the same quantity of resources as the big players in your industry, but you know the people you need to target: what they need, what they want, where they live, and what

Programmatic Display & Cookieless Targeting

Get ready for a paradigm shift The cookies are crumbling. Digital cookies, that is. Earlier this year, Google announced they will phase out third-party cookies on their Chrome browser by 2022. Since Chrome accounts for about 70 percent of all desktop web traffic, more than double all other browsers put together, this is obviously a

Driving Programmatic Advertising Leads

Lead generation isn’t just about accumulating leads; it’s about getting better, higher value leads. It’s about reaching the people who have the potential to become high-value customers and getting them the right message in the right context. In short, it’s about finding the right people and getting them to take action. Programmatic lead generation campaigns

Let’s Talk About Programmatic Frustrations

We’re going in a slightly different direction this week to give you a peek under the hood at a day in the life at a programmatic agency. As powerful as programmatic is, there are a fair number of frustrations we deal with on a day-to-day basis. Let’s take a look: Buyer beware: data can be