Programmatic Placements

& Inventory Types

Finding The Right Fit

Paying attention to how your customers want to engage with your message is just as important as identifying your ideal customers in the first place.

Once we know and understand the individual, we can help craft the narrative in the right style and on the right inventory types to obtain your objective.

Demystifying Programmatic Inventory


Your standard inventory, these ‘digital billboards’ of the internet are banner advertising (usually in 5 – 7 standard sizes) overlayed with audience targeting.


Syncing with a websites native CSS (styling), these placements look and feel like they are naturally part of a sites content – dynamically. Expect higher CTRs – but higher CPMs.


Short or long form video content served within web video players – not to be confused with animated / giphs that can be used as part of the standard ‘Display’ inventory.

OTT (Over The Top)

The delivery of ads during long form TV content consumed without a cable subscription (think Hulu placements or ads on the side of a Roku home screen). This is a rapidly expanding field.

DOOH (Direct Out Of Home)

Out of Home billboards, poster boards, and other traditional print media mediums that more and more are moving to digital variants. For example, digital billboards on the side of a bus stop.

PMP (Private Marketplace)

Premium inventory available on a custom and guaranteed basis through 1:1 deals. Able to overlay a site’s own demographic / targeting parameters within their own inventory. Think Wall street Journal (WSJ) and affiliated sites.


Same as Display and Video above but placed specifically with mobile in mind – able to play before, after, or during premium content or apps that have advertising enables (we see you, free Candy Crush users)

Streaming Radio

The future of radio – with overlayed demographics and advanced reach. From digital to terrestrial or satellite radio, as well as podcasts and even local news placements. Pandora, Spotify, Iheart media and then some.

High Impact

From full page takeovers to entire site overhauls, if you’re looking to make a huge splash we know who to talk to.

Still confused?

Understanding how Programmatic Advertising even works is a great place to start. Thankfully we’ve written it out for you – take a look.

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